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Manthan Yuva Sansthan

Manthan was informally founded in the late 1990s “Yuva’ means Youth. As the organization grew in strength it was formally registered as a Non-Government Organization (NGO) some years later. Innovation, enterprise and community development are the cornerstones of Manthan The organization Has built up trust and respect within the communities it works with and reaches out to the most underprivileged and marginalized groups of society The operational area of Manthan is within the state of Jharkhand & Bihar, Eastern India.

Manthan is progressing towards its vision of “the creation of an environment where people can enjoy opportunity for their wholesome development.

Manthan’s work across five interrelated programme areas is focused on empowerment the excluded through capacity building, knowledge building and policy advocacy. Over two decades Manthan has promoted ‘participation as empowerment, capacity building of community organizations and people’s participation in governance, Initiatives are undertaken in the overall perspective of making democracy meaningful.

The Chief Executive manages a team of dedicated pro fissional structured into Administrative & Support and Programme Teams. The staff comprises a wealth of different backgrounds to represent the community that Manthan seeks to reach out to. The organization has well developed systems and policies, a HR division, and meticulous finance and accounts systems. Manthan complies with all statutory requirements in a timely and transparent manner.

Facilities at the Manthan Head Office include Auditorium and residential facilities; fully equipped audio. Visual studio and editing room; Library & Documentation Centre and networked computer system with internet access.

From The Secretary’s Desk

Dear Friends, as we move ahead of another milestone, it gives me great pleasure to share with you some of our recent experiences, challenges and achievements. From our humble beginnings in 1992 in one remote Block Angara, we have continued to play the role of a catalyst in mobilizing and empowering the marginalized communities through increased range of programmes and activities to address the root causes of issues like poverty, deprivation, exploitation and abuse that hamper the realization of their civic and human rights From the marginalized beneficiary in remote village to the
People’s organizations, we see the beginning of transformational changes taking shape as our people start walking with a new purpose with renewed vigor

It has been a successful year and this annual report outlines our progress in Community Development. We have been working with our partners to empower communities to access their rights and entitlements. We have continued our work in conservation and utilization of local resources to achieve ecological balance and build sustainable livelihoods.
As always, the challenges have been many, but as our vision gets transformed to veracity, many hurdles are watered down. We would not be reporting such progress if it were not for the unfailing support and contributions of our friends and supporters. I take this opportunity to thank our partners UNICEF, VSO, ADR, CWS, RMC, CHRI, NFI. NABARD, Seva network and Govt. of Jharkhand for sharing our collective dream and contributing their precious time and thoughts towards its realization.
I would also like to thank the members of General Body for their guidance and support over the years and our team of staff for their commitment and hard work. It gives me great pleasure to report that this hard work and the values of transparency and accountability of the organization has been recognized at a national level



Manthan Yuva Sansthan


Manthan’s strategy of change simultaneously empowers citizens, in particular the poor and marginalized, and sensitizes government, media and policy makers. Empowered citizens, through information and mobilization, become aware of their nights and responsibilities. Government agencies responsible for providing basic services (of health, water, sanitation, education, etc) are sensitized and their human and institutional capacities developed to meet the needs of the people effectively. Media and policy makers are responsible for advocating rights and entitlements of the poor and marginalized Networks and coalitions of empowered citizens are facilitated to work together to influence governance at all levels. A dedicated programme on development communication with a purpose to engage media and policy makers to raise the voice and needs of marginalized communities.

Target Groups

Manthan stands firmly on the side of the excluded and marginalized in at its interventions Programmes pay special attention to the incision and leadership of tribal and dalits women from communities and within institutions Covent efforts focus on building capacities of youth especially young girls and boys, to take on leadership roles within their communities and become drivers of the change they want to see Participation of marginalized rural women are promoted through literacy projects and learning savings and credit skills for livelihood improvement Under strengthening LSG institution programme the focuses are on providing information on laws and rules self-development, mentoring, guidance and hand Holding establishing social networks for support.

Basic Principles of Working

Over the years, Manthan has learnt some effective ways of working towards its mission

  • Value, respect and replicate the indigenous knowledge with scientific validation
  • Inspire and activate contribution of communities and officials responsible for delivery of basic services by nurturing authentic relationships with
  • Central to Manthan’s work is building local human and institutional
  • Sustainable changes at the local level require linkages and resources and for this Manthan days only) advocates with government agencies and policy makers at all


Mathan Yuva Sansthan has its own permanent campus at Patra Toll, Lohardaga & Khatanga, Ormanjhi & long term leased campus at Hindpiri 3rd. Street fach With a floor area of 6,000 sq. ft, the Manthan’s building has a conference hall, a com stacked A/V had two no of class rooms, we computer lab, Specialized Morary and ample so for office, researchers, and faculty with computer, internet telephone, and other essential facilities.

Manthan offers conference and hostel facilities at premises for a nominal fee to like-minded organizations.

Manthan Hostel

The hostel can accommodate up to 20 guests at time. There are rooms on twin sharing basis and dormitories which can be hired on a daily basis Delegates accommodated in the hostel for a conference can avail food as per their choice, Internet/Wi-Fi access, Common English and Hindi newspapers available in the library).

Conference Facility

Manthan provides conference room which can seat 50 delegates.

Separate meeting rooms which can accommodate between 10-20 persons are also available for breakout discussions and small group interactions.

The conference rooms are fitted with state-of-the-art LCD projectors and public address system: White boards and flip charts are also provided A laptop can be made available on request.

Photocopy facilities are also available (on working days only). For more details, bookings and enquiries please contact: Manthan Premises

Hindpiri 3rd Street Ranchi-834001, Jharkhand, India

Tel. 0651-2202202

Email: manthanindia1@gmail.com


Manthan Yuva Sansthan has a dedicated publication team envisaged to publish books, documents, compendiums, research and study papers written or prepared by various Manthan team as well as to provide a window to others to disseminate their information and knowledge pertaining to social and development issues in Jharkhand with a purpose of advocacy and highlighting the interests and concerns of the common masses.

The primary responsibility of the Publication Team is to publish books, reports, documents and compendiums prepared by the staff and by others who write on themes finds compatible with the objectives of the organization at an affordable cost and makes them available for the non- profit sector and civil society organizations. The organization to its credit publishes Panchayat Observer as monthly magazine catering the needs of local self governance and Manthan Update, a quarterly newsletter based on the happenings of the organization. You may ask for:

  • Catalogue
  • Reports
  • Newsletter Manthan Update
  • Panchayat Observer- Monthly Magazinet


Manthan Yuva Sansthan Hindpiri 3rd. Street

Ranchi 834001, Jharkhand, India Tel. 0651-2202202

Email: Manthanindia1@gmail.com

Media Resource centre

Well equipped Audio-Visual centre of Manthan Yuva Sansthan regularly produce, disseminate and screen the documentaries on various issues related to marginalized communities of the Jharkhand state. Apart from issue based documentaries A/V training materials, small footage and video stories on the socio-economic development issues are available with the centre. A dedicated A/V team regularly works on audio and video production. 200 no. of episodes of Radio production, 100 no. of audio-visual features and approximately 700 print articles are available with media resource centre, any nonprofit organization can avail the services of Audio visual production facilities in nominal cost.

Our Network

The organization networks with many like-minded networks on issues, struggles and advocacy work impacting policy changes, especially related to the dalits adivasis, women, minorities and unorganized workers, t also partners with many advocacy institutions at the state and national level. In these efforts the focus is on mutual support and cooperation and sharing of expertise to take forward the common concerns of the poor and the marginalized.

There are four types of partners: Academic institutions, advocacy networks, NGOs and resource partners the resource partners include government ministries. Agency of the government, and national and international donor organizations. Each one of them makes valuable contribution in our efforts to carry forward our mission effectively, especially to sustain our commitment with credibility Apart from these there are many who support us in their individual capacity like professors, social activists, lawyers, and journalists.

VISION: The creation of an environment where people can enjoy opportunity for their wholesome development.

  • MISSION: Promotion of greater equity and justice in the society
  • Ensuring a sustainable livelihood
  • Creation of an opportunity to lead a life of dignity and self respect


  • To serve as an agency for effective management of all resources available with communities through empowered Local Self Governance (LSG)
  • To use media, legislature, policy makers, academia, CSOs and other legal institutions as a tool of social change.
  • To promote development activity and uplift the most marginalized by forging self-help


Manthan Yuva Sansthan has been working extensively in different parts of Jharkhand & Bihar. We work with grassroots initiatives, state and district governments, communities, media, LSG institutions and individual from all over the state.

As of now, Manthan has direct presence in four districts of the Jharkhand state and in rest 20 no. of districts Manthan works in partnership mode with local CSOs.


Manthan Yuva Sansthan, through well formulated and comprehensive programmers, aims to achieve its long term commitments to marginalized population groups. These programmers are on Capacity Building & Skill development, Environment & Livelihood, Development Communication, Strengthening Local Self Governance Institution and Research & Advocacy.

To create lasting change, our programmes work towards enhancing the empowerment of tribal and dalits. We are committed to:

  • Working with Dalits, Adivasi and other marginalized communities
  • Addressing the underlying social, political and economic causes of marginalization Working in the least developed areas of Jharkhand &


Proceeding towards upliftment of the people in need from rural areas. We can see its intervention in 15 districts of the state-Latehar, Garhwa, Palamu, Lohardaga, Simdega, Bokaro, Hazaribagh, Dumka, Godda, Pakur, Sahebganj, East-Singhbhum, West-Singhbhum, Jamtara, and Ranchi.


Manthan Yuva Sansthan’s Intervention areas are as follows:

  • Development Science communication NCSTC, VIGYAN PRASAR, NFL, Mobile planetarium
  • Education NIOS
  • Governance ADR, Water& sanitation programme
  • Research &Advocacy
  • Livelihood Vegfresh, Essilor



  • Registered under society registration act of 1860 Reg No: 858/07
  • Registered with the Home Ministry of the Government of India under Foreign regulation act 337800009 dated 30.05.2002
  • Registration under section 12A of the Income Tax No VIII-52 2000-2001/31977-3200
  • Registration under section 80G 
  • PAN Number: AABTM7581R
  • GST Number: 20AABTM7581R3ZZ
  • Unique ID of NGO Darpan Portal, Niti Ayog: JH/2017/017478
  • Banker 1 : Canara Bank, Ranchi
  • Banker 2 : SBI Bank, New Delhi
  • Auditor:

M/s C.B.A. & Associates Metcalefe Tower

56, Metcalefe Street 3rd Floor, Room No. 3G Kolkata 700013