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Manthan Yuva Sansthan

Manthan was informally founded in the late 1990s “Yuva’ means Youth. As the organization grew in strength it was formally registered as a Non-Government Organization (NGO) some years later. Innovation, enterprise and community development are the cornerstones of Manthan The organization Has built up trust and respect within the communities it works with and reaches out to the most underprivileged and marginalized groups of society The operational area of Manthan is within the state of Jharkhand & Bihar, Eastern India.

Manthan is progressing towards its vision of “the creation of an environment where people can enjoy opportunity for their wholesome development.

Our Cause

What we do

Zero Waste Management Project

Provide the most marginalized groups with access to quality education and skill for gainful livelihood

Unnat Gram Project

The Zero Waste Management Project aims to address the pressing issue of waste generation and disposal in our community.

Sight savers

Four out of five people those who are blind, don’t have to be, if proper treatment would be provided at right time.

Our Partners:-

SwitchOn Foundation

Jharkhand Government

Sight Savers

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Abhishek Sinha

One of the best & active NGO (MANTHAN YUVA SANSTHAN) in Jharkhand all are helping so many ...keep up the good work

Vikrant Bhatt

Manthan yuva sansthan is really doing a very good job in Ranchi. One of the best NGOs in Ranchi.

Prince Pandey

One of the best & active NGO (MANTHAN YUVA SANSTHAN) in Ranchi Jharkhand & also working in the other states of India. Highly recommended! you are doing a great job. Keep it up

nisha prakash

A group who are dedicated towards society upgrade towards a better future, always keen to bring smile to underprivileged ppl by letting them know about importance of their existence. I really feel privileged to be part of this NGO.


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